Rocket Lands in Israel No Injuries Reported

Just a day after a bomb ripped apart a bus close to Tel Aviv, military personnel from Israel said a rocket had landed in an uninhibited area of a village in southern Israel on Sunday night causing no injuries. The rocket, said Israeli officials, had been shot from Gaza.

On Monday, police found the Qassam rocket remains close to a bus stop where children wait to be picked for school in the village of Hof Ashkelon. The bus stop did sustain minor damage.

Officials said the rocket had been fired from Gaza sometime close to midnight. Shortly thereafter, sirens could be heard in many communities in the surrounding area.

Police said Palestinian militants had fired the rocket, but no one has yet to claim responsibility.

Police in the area and members of the village’s council said the area was remaining on high alert.

Recently there have been many unsuccessful attempts of launching rockets from Gaza into Israel, with landings identified in Palestinian areas and the sea.

On Sunday, a military source in Egypt told Ma’an the Palestinian news agency that a rocket that had been fired from Gaza during the day and landed in territorial waters of Egypt.

The source in Egypt added the rocket had landed only 300 meters from Rafah’s coastline, exploded under water and no report of casualties was reported.

Hamas said the rocket had been fired during one of its military exercises and landed by error in Egyptian territory.

In addition, a pipe bomb thought to be planted on Sunday by Palestinian militants exploded in central Israel on a bus.

Prior to the explosion taking place, the bus had been evacuated and no one was injured in the explosion. That was the most serious attack within Israel in over a year.

Last week, a mortar was fired into the country, but did not cause any injuries. Rocket fire has been sporadic from Gaza since leaders of Hamas and Israel fought in a battle for eight days last year.

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