Rohani says Israel is old wound and needs to be removed

During a rally that was pro-Palestinian, the incoming president of Iran Hasan Rohani said the Zionist regime has been a wound on the Islamic world for many years.

The new president of Iran made the comments only days prior to his inauguration. The remarks made by Rohani about Israel, the archenemy of his country, echo those of prior leaders of Iran.

The semi-official news agency ISNA in Iran said that Rohani spoke following his participation in the annual pro-Palestinian Quds Day rally on Friday in Tehran.

Rohani was the winner by a landslide in the June 14 Iran presidential election. On Sunday, he will replace the outgoing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Rohani pledged to continue a path of moderation, promising more openness over the nuclear program in Iran, which has kept it at odds with countries in the West.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, said Rohani’s comments just revealed the real face of the president elect of Iran. He has often been considered by most to be a moderate reformer.

Rohani showed his true color, said Netanyahu, and sooner than what was expected. The prime minister said that is what he thinks and it is the plan of action for the regime in Iran.

Netanyahu added that the president of Iran might be different by the overall goal the regime has will not change, and that is to develop its nuclear weapons as a threat to Israel, the rest of the Middle East and to the security and peace of the whole world.

The prime minister concluded by saying that any state that is threatening Israel with a form of annihilation should be stopped from acquiring any form of weapons that can be considered of mass destruction.

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