Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq Create New Intelligence Alliance to Fight IS

Syria, Iraq, Iran and Russia agreed to establish a new intelligence committee in Iraq’s capital of Baghdad, said the government on Sunday.

The committee said Baghdad would help in harmonizing efforts in the fight against Islamic State despite the objection to the role by Syria.

A spokesperson for the Iraq Prime Minister’s office said the committee was to help coordinate between the countries with representatives representing each country in the military intelligence field and with a goal of sharing as well as analyzing information.

The spokesperson added that the committee would focus on monitoring movements of all terrorists and of degrading their capacity.

The Joint Operations Command in Iraq said the new agreement with Moscow arrives amidst growing concern over the number of Russian terrorists engaged in acts or terrorism with IS.

Tehran and Damascus have made no comments on the alliance but the U.S. military, which is based in Baghdad, took issue with the regime of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad participating in the alliance.

The U.S. statement said they realize that Iraq has an interest in sharing as much information as possible with other regional governments who are fighting against IS, but we do not support officials from the Syrian government being present, as they represent a regime that has been brutalizing its own citizens.

John Kerry the Secretary of State also expressed his displeasure with the new organization having Syria involved. He said the efforts must be coordinated, prior to meeting in New York with Sergey Lavrov the foreign minister of Russia.

The move has come at a time when Moscow is boosting is presence militarily in Syria deploying troops as well as warplanes to one of the country’s air bases and new arms to the regime of Assad, which is a longstanding ally of Russia.

The U.S. has a program of $500 million to equip and train vetted moderates recruited from amongst the different rebels fighting against Assad, but has faced many setbacks.

The U.S. thinks IS can be pummeled with airstrikes led by the U.S. and regional forces on the ground,

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