Russian and U.S. Defense Chiefs Talk Over Crisis in Syria

Defense chiefs in the U.S. and Russia hold talks for the first time in over one year to discuss Syria conflict. The phone conversation follows signs that Moscow was taking a role that was more active in the ongoing civil war and that the U.S. was concerned over the extend of Moscow’s plans.

At the same time, four fighter jets from Russia arrived at a Syrian airfield in Latakia said the U.S.

The Russia and U.S. have sharply disagreed on the bloody civil war in Syria and the future role of Syria President Bashar al-Assad.

While Moscow backed the government of Syria, the U.S. sees his removal as the essential part in the resolving of the war.

Ashton Carter the U.S. Secretary of Defense discussed with his counterpart Sergei Shoigu the Defense Minister of Russia how the two sides could avoid any clashing on the ground accidently, said the Pentagon.

Russia’s state media said talks proved the two sides shared common ground.

The U.S. is alarmed about reports of a military build by Russia in Syria during a time when the government of Assad has been losing a great deal of ground to the rebels.

The deployment of the four jets to boost the military presence of Russia in Syria, which already includes artillery, helicopter gunships and up to 500 Russian naval forces, said official in the U.S.

Both the U.S. and Russia are concerned about the increase of the militant group Islamic State, which now had a large part of northern Syria under its control.

The growing military presence of Russia in Syria means that Moscow and Washington have a great deal to discuss.

The telephone conversation between Carter and Shoigu is just the first step.

The U.S. along with a number of its allies have been flying air strike missions inside air space in Syria and want no misunderstandings with the military of Russia.

The U.S. also wants to have a clearer idea as to what Russia’s purpose is in Syria.

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