Sabotage Theories Surface in Death of Contractor in Hotel in Saudi

The mystery that is surrounding the death of a defense contractor from the U.S. at a hotel in Saudi Arabia mounted on Friday amidst speculation about what transpired in the last few days prior to his death.

Christopher Cramer who was 50, likely took his own life said local authorities from Tabuk a city in Saudi Arabia, after his body fell from a window on the third floor of the hotel he was staying at.

However, his friends and family maintained there was no possible reasons the native of New Hampshire would kill himself and that likely he was murdered from being a threat to an arms deal that was worth millions.

Cramer’s family attorney said the problem was with one of the company’s customers. A missile system had been sold to a legitimate Saudi company and the owners were complaining it did not work.

A lawyer for the family said he is under the understanding that the Tow Missile system had been sabotaged prior to Cramer arriving on January 8 with a colleague.

Officials with Kollsman Inc the employer of Cramer said the system was not malfunctioning and that nothing has been tampered with.

A Kollsman spokesperson said the workers had put together the system and demonstrated how it worked without any problems. The unit was operating and completely functional, added the spokesperson.

There was even a video that Cramer posted with a missile firing.

However, Cramer sent text messages to his family from the Middle East country that indicated some of the equipment might have not been in good condition.

One message to a nephew said 6 missiles were fired with one miss and the M109s were old and had problems.

His nephew replied, “Lol gonna take time or an easy fix.”

Cramer replied back in a text that they wanted to check out the firing of some new 2A RF kinke aeros as well as extended range two. He added the he would be shooting those until Thursday.

The Kollsman spokesperson also has theorized that the company that purchased the TOW system, Global Defense Systems, based in Saudi Arabia wanted that equipment to be malfunctioning so they could recoup a certain amount of money that had been spent on it.

The circumstances that surround the death of Cramer have made it hard for his family to repatriate his body for an autopsy but said progressing on that is being made now.

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