SARS-like Virus has Connections to Middle East

Officials from Britain said a mysterious new virus that is linked to SARS might have been spread between people. This came after they confirmed the world’s 11th case of the new form of corona virus. The latest patient who has the virus probably caught it from a member of his or her family said health officials.

The virus was identified for the first time in 2012 in the Middle East. The 10 people who previously had been infected all had travelled to Pakistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

The latest person diagnosed with the virus is a resident of the UK said health officials from Britain. However, the patient has had no recent travel to any of the four countries, but has had close contact with someone who has a previous case.

In addition, the patient could have been at a higher risk of being infected because of another medical condition. The patient is currently in a hospital in Birmingham, England in the intensive care unit.

Even though the latest case provides additional strong evidence that the virus is transmitted person to person, risk of becoming infected in the majority of circumstances is very low, said British health officials.

Six staff members of the hospital where the latest patient is currently being treated are at this time being monitored for signs of infection but no one has thus far showed signs of being ill.

The patient was not in contact with other patients and is currently in isolation at the hospital.

In 2003, 800 people were killed in a worldwide outbreak of SARS.


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