Saudi Arabia Names Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Group

On Friday, the rulers of Saudi Arabia formally named the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, putting the organization on equal grounds under the law in Saudi as al Qaida. The Muslim Brotherhood until recently has been thought to be one of the world’s most established mainstream Muslim organizations.

The impact of the new designation by Saudi law was unclear. However, it was likely to affect not only how the country deals with the Muslim Brotherhood members inside its country, but also how it would work with organizations affiliated with it across the world.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria have been the biggest supporters of the movement to end the reign of President Bashar Assad as well as the Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The designation is likely to have certain ramifications for the affiliated group Hamas that is the ruler of the Gaza Strip, of which both Israel and the U.S. designated as a terrorist organization.

The State Department in the U.S. said it was not in agreement with the view of Saudi Arabia naming the Brotherhood as a terrorist group. However, with the U.S. becoming increasingly more dependent on the nation of Saudi Arabia to pursue its goal of ending the reign of Assad in Syria, the policy in the U.S. and its allies in that country seemed likely to become affected by the action of Saudi Arabia.

The rulers of Saudi Arabia have for a long time been hostile towards the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated doctrine opposes the dynastic rule of the kingdom. However, Friday’s announcement was a surprise to the Brotherhood.

A statement released from London, from members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, where 86 years ago the group was first founded and where in December of last year it was named a terrorist group, described themselves as very distressed by the action of Saudi Arabia.

The group was originally founded by a schoolteacher in Egypt in 1928 to what he and the others felt were abuses at the British colonizers hands.

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