Saudi Arabia: Prince’s Convoy Attacked in Paris

A group of men who were heavily armed attacked a convoy of vehicles belonging to a prince from Saudi Arabia. The group stole more than 250,000 euros or approximately $330,000, said police.

The prince’s convoy had been heading through the northern city limits of Paris towards the Le Bourget airport on Sunday during the late evening when the gunmen surprised the convoy, said authorities.

A vehicle, which was carrying documents and money, was seized by the gunmen. At a later time, that same evening two passengers and the driver were released unharmed.

The convoy, said reports, came from the Saudi Arabia embassy in the capital city of France. Reports by law enforcement said that no one had been hurt in the incident.

The gunmen are reported to have been armed with a number of Kalashnikov rifles and targeted the convoy’s Mercedes van at 9:15 pm local time on the peripherique or a northern perimeter road that bypasses the downtown area of Paris, at Porte de la Chapelle. That area is near the city limits of Paris.

The motorcade, which belonged to a prince from Saudi Arabia, was stopped by eight individuals driving in two vehicles who told the drivers to stop after pointing their guns at the Mercedes driver and forcing him to pull over and stop, reported French media.

The vehicle was then driven by the men with two Saudis and the driver inside to an undisclosed location. None of the gunmen fired any shots. Authorities said that the two Saudis and the driver were freed later Sunday night. Authorities also were able to locate the Mercedes van but the robbers had set it afire after leaving it behind.

A spokesperson for the Paris police said that the Saudi prince said that more than 250,000 euros in cash as well as official documents from the Saudi embassy had been stolen.

Police said it appeared that the gunmen had known about the itinerary and route of the convoy.

The thieves also burned out one of the two BMW vehicles they had been driving in. Close to the two smoldering vehicles, police located a few bills of 500 euros and documents in Arabic language.

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