Saudi Government Websites Hacked

The Saudi Arabia state news agency said that simultaneous and coordinated attacks against government websites in the country had been traced back to IP addresses from various different countries.

Last year, one cyber attack against Saudi Aramco, the biggest oil company in the world, damaged close to 30,000 computers.

This week several Saudi Arabia government websites had been hacked in a large series of heavy attacks from different countries overseas. Sites were disabled for brief periods until the webmaster could repel them, said government officials.

The government’s investigation has been able to trace the attacks against its websites to hundreds of IP addresses around the world.

On Wednesday, the cyber attacks caused the website of the Interior ministry to crash when a huge number of service requests were received.

However, it was up and running again in less than two hours, after technical drills that were needed were performed to counter the current and any further attacks, said a government source.

The report from the news agency about the different attacks did not make any comment about a possible motive for the attacks.

Government agencies, operators of critical infrastructure and businesses faced challenges that are unprecedented from the increasingly more sophisticated attacks online that are being launched by hacker activists, foreign governments and criminals.

Saudi Aramco’s attack was one of the worst destructive hacks or attacks to ever hit one individual business. That particular attack used the virus Shanoon. The group claiming responsibility for that attack said that Saudi Aramco was the Saudi government’s main revenue source and blamed the government for atrocities and crimes in countries such as Bahrain and Syria.

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