Saudis Urged by Arab States to Retain Security Council Seat

Arab states in the United Nations have urged Saudi Arab to reconsider its recent decision to renounce its rotating seat the U.N. Security Council in protest over the 15-nation group’s failure to end the conflict in Syria as well as act on other issues in the Middle East.

The statement from the Arab Group said they hope Saudi Arabia, which represents the Islamic and Arab world at the UN would maintain that membership.

The group urged the kingdom to maintain their role in defending issues pertaining to the Middle East, specifically at the Security Council.

The Arab Group consists of Arab member states of the U.N. excluding Syria, who had its membership suspended when the Arab League revoked its membership.

Diplomats said the White House wanted the Saudis to retain the council seat.

No country has been elected to sit on the Security Council and said no. As a new member of the Security Council, the Saudis would have taken its seat on January 1 for a term of two years.

On Friday when Saudi Arabia announced it would not take the seat, the kingdom condemned what it described as the double standards internationally for the Middle East and demanded that the Security Council be reformed. The Council has not been able to come up with a plan to end the Syria war.

Unlike previously, when the Saudis’ frustration was directed for the most part at China and Russia, it is also now aimed at the White House, its longest standing international ally. They have pursued policies since Arab Spring first started that have been bitterly opposed by the rulers of Saudi.

Riyadh cited the failure of the Security Council to resolve the dispute between the Israelis and Palestinians, the failure of resolving the Syria conflict and not stopping nuclear proliferation as reason that instead the body has perpetuated grievance and conflicts.

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