Seyyed Mehdi Hashemi: It’s too early to Discuss Next Presidential Election

Seyyed Mehdi Hashemi, Tehran representative in Majlis

The rumors and interviews about the next presidential election which scheduled to be held in next Persian year have been started but Seyyed Mehdi Hashemi believes it is too early to concentrate on this election because this subject may overshadow other critical topics.

“I think it is too early to discuss next presidential election. We have more important topics and subjects so we have to concentrate on them first. For example economic condition is getting worst every day and we have to take action against that. Jebhe Paydari (official party of Hashemi) has yet to announce its stance in the upcoming election.” said Seyyed Mehdi Hashemi, Tehran representative in Majlis.

Hashemi also talked about Council elections. “In the recent years, conservative and reformist parties have paid more attentions to Council elections and their performances. Iranian people also believe in these city councils and that’s why the upcoming Council elections became important to people and parties.” Seyyed Mehdi Hashemi also outlined that these councils can act important roles in constructing country and cities.

Iranian government has scheduled to hold both Council elections and presidential election on the same day in June next year.

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