Sharon Critical as Organs Begin to Fail

Doctors at the Sheba Medical Center said former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was not yet on dialysis, but he was receiving antibiotics because of many infections.

The ex-Prime Minister is listed in critical condition and the function of his vital organs is beginning to deteriorate, said doctors from the medical center.

Reporters were told that Sharon, who was reportedly suffering from possible kidney failure, had still not been put on dialysis.

Sharon’s condition has been very critical the past two to three days and doctors cannot say what will happen over the next few days. The former leader of Israel lapsed into a coma back in 2006.

Gilad and Omri, the two sons of Sharon, were with their father on Wednesday night awaiting any other developments from his recent treatment.

Omri said the family had hope, as they have always had hope. However, it has been reported that doctors have talked to Sharon’s two sons and told them their father could only have days left.

One report said that over the past week Sharon had been receiving dialysis due to kidney failure after having surgery for a kidney infection in November.

Sharon was the 11th Israeli prime minister and January 4 will mark the 8th anniversary since he lapsed into a coma. For the most part, the 85-year old Sharon has been under medical care in the Sheba Medical Center.

There have been sporadic positives signs in scans that measure his brain activity, but he has been in a deep vegetative state since January of 2006.

Tzipi Livni, the Justice Minister, who along with Sharon were the founders of the Kadima Party, wrote on this Facebook page that he was thinking about Sharon.

Former advisor to Sharon, Danny Ayalon tweeted that he was with the sons of Sharon in these tough hours.

Sharon is one of the few legendary military and political leaders of Israel. He was instrumental in victories in the Sinai desert in 1967 and 1973. His victories in uniform were immortalized but his picture in an army uniform with his head wrapped in a white bandage, which earned him the nickname Arik the King of Israel.

He was also just as fearless in politics where he found two parties the Kadima and Likud.

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