Sisi Insists Coalition Needs to Fight Not Only Islamic State

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi the President of Egypt told John Kerry the Secretary of State from the U.S. that any coalition made up of different nations against terrorism, must battle not only the Islamic State but also other militant groups.

Security officials from Egypt have said that the Islamic State had established contacts with Egypt’s most dangerous organization of militants the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis. The group has killed hundreds of Egyptian security forces since last year in July when the army ousted the President of Egypt Mohammed Morsi after mass public protests against his rule.

Egypt would be welcoming to any strong action taken against the Ansar group and the Muslim Brotherhood, which the country declared last year, was a terrorist group.

Sisi has said that any world coalition that is set up to combat terrorism should not just target one particular group or just eradicate a certain hotspot of terrorism.

Instead, he says the coalition needs to extend to encompass the fighting against terrorism wherever it is in existence in African and Middle East regions.

The President of Egypt expressed his concerns over the foreign fighters the Islamic State has and the danger posed by them in their home countries due to having Western passports that allows them to pass through airports almost 100% unnoticed.

Sisi also warned of repercussions from foreign militant involvement in ongoing conflicts in the region.

The foreign minister of Egypt, backing the call from Washington for global action to help counter the terrorist threats, said that the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq were forging new ties with other regional extremist groups.

Militant groups sharing the same ideology of the Islamic State and take Islam just as a cover need to be dealt with said the Egyptian foreign minister.

The strong public support by Egypt for the United States campaign against the Islamic State is a contrast with mixed responses in other areas of the region, shows how far Cairo had come in the restoring of its place as a premier partner with the U.S. in the Arab war.

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