Six World Powers and Iran Agree to Extension of Four Months

Six of the world powers and Iran have agreed in Vienna to an extension of four months for negotiations on a nuclear deal for the long term, that would eventually end the sanctions against Tehran in exchange for the country curbing its nuclear program, said diplomats at the talks.

The U.S., Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia and Iran set a deadline of July 20 to complete the agreement that solves the dispute that has lasted over a decade over the nuclear ambitions of Tehran.

However, diplomats have said they could not overcome the substantial differences on the biggest points of disagreement.

A senior diplomat from Iran said they had reached an agreement with the world powers to extend the nuclear talks. Several diplomats from the west echoed those remarks.

It has been obvious for many days that the six powers and Iran would not meet the deadline of Sunday to reach a decision because of a disagreement on many key issues.

Amongst the issues that have divided the two sides are the permissible scope of the nuclear fuel capacity in Iran and how to address the suspected past research by Iran on the atomic bomb.

The negotiations started in Vienna this past February. The talks have taken place because of an agreement reached in November of 2013 in Geneva that gave limited relief of sanctions against Iran in exchange for stopping some activities in the nuclear program and create time for negotiation of a long-term comprehensive deal that would end the dispute that has carried on for more than a decade.

Diplomats said that the negotiations for the deal likely would resume during September. However, it is still uncertain if the four months of talks will yield an agreement in the end, since the underlying differences are still significant after six different rounds of talks in 2014.

Western nations are worried about the nuclear program in Iran being aimed at the developing nuclear weapons, while Tehran steadfastly denies that.

The six world powers want Tehran to substantially scale back the nuclear enrichment program making sure it would not yield a nuclear bomb.

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