South Lebanon Clashes Kill 7 at Palestinian Camp

Clashes at a refugee camp amongst Palestinians killed seven near the port of Sidon in southern Lebanon on Monday. One of those killed was the commander of an armed group. Authorities said 10 or more people had been wounded.

It was not completely clear what had caused the fighting between the supporters of the former commander of Fatah the mainstream Palestinian organization and members of Ansarullah a rival armed organization.

Officials said rocket propelled grenades and machine guns were used during the fighting.

Fighting has become commonplace amongst the two rival groups across the 12 refugee camps of Palestinians in Lebanon. In all nearly 450,000 refugees who become displaced by different wars since 1948 make up the members of the camps.

Lebanon’s largest refugee camp Ein el-Hilweh has frequent bombings, shootings and assassinations amongst the rival factions looking to take control of the refugee camp.

Later on Monday, all roads that led to the Mieh Mieh camp had been blocked by the Lebanese army in an attempt to control the fighting that has raged on for much of the day. Ambulances raced from the camp carrying the wounded to nearby medical facilities.

Amongst the dead was Ahmad Rashid a Return Brigades commander, the group is affiliated with the Fatah. Rashid’s bodyguard was also killed in the fighting.

In a separate incident, Hezbollah chief Sheik Hassan Nasrallah claimed responsibility for a bombing along the roadside that had targeted a patrol from the Israeli military in March near the border between Israel and Lebanon.

Nasrallah said the bombing had been in response to an air strike in February on a base of the Hezbollah that the Shiite Lebanese organization said had been carried out by Israel.

The remarks made by Nasrallah were from a recent interview, which a Lebanese daily published in its entirety on Monday.

The Hezbollah leader said the bombing in March has sent Israel a message that Hezbollah was capable of still fighting Israel even though its fighters continue to help Syria’s military in its civil war of three years.

In the bombing on March 14, no soldiers in the Israeli military were hurt.

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