Storm Freezes Fighting With No Deaths Reported

As a winter storm freezes the fighting, no official deaths in Syria were reported for just the first time in the past three years. However, the storm’s effect has officials from the United Nations worried about Lebanon’s Syrian refugees.

A storm has dumped heavy snow and frigid temperatures across parts of the Middle East.

There were no reported deaths through fighting on Wednesday in Syria, the first day of no casualties in 36 month, following the fierce storm, announced a monitoring group on Thursday.

Civilians and refugees were brought even more hardship thanks to freezing temperatures, but the cold has protected Syrian from any fighting or bombardment, said the leaders of the Observatory for Human Rights.

On average 150 people are killed daily in the Syrian conflict that has claimed the lives of more than 207,000 people since it first erupted in 2011.

However, the human rights organization that is based in the UK, which uses on the ground sources across the country of Syria, to help track the complete conflict.

One Islamist fighter had died on Wednesday near Damascus due to wounds he had sustained at an earlier data.

Blizzards, rains as well as strong winds buffeted most of the region during the week and have raised great concern for the many refugees who face winter living in flimsy quarters.

On Thursday, officials from the United Nations expressed even more concern over the refugees. Three Syrians, of which one was just 8 years old, died after they crossed into Lebanon through a border in the southern mountains. A fourth member of the same group was rescued by members of the Lebanese army.

The government of Lebanon has recently closed its borders and allows only those with a valid visa to cross. This in turn has caused many to take to the mountains to cross in an attempt not to be seen by authorities.

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