Student Killed Close to Barrier in West Bank

Samir Ahmed Awad, a Palestinian student was killed recently in the West Bank in Gaza. The 17-year old was shot and killed by Israeli military forces in the northern area of the West Bank. Medical sources said that Awad had died after he was hit three times in the small village of Budrus.

The shooting took place close to a school that is only 650 feet from the barrier that was built in the area by Israel. The village’s mayor, Mohammed Morar said the school’s students had been throwing stones in the direction of Israeli soldiers when the students were leaving school before Awad was killed.

The mayor said it was the school’s last day and some of the students were throwing stones. The soldiers caught Awad and attempted to arrest him, but he was able to escape their grasp. The soldiers then fired six rounds at Awad and hit him three times.

A different version that was reported by a major news agency, suggested that Awad had not been involved with the throwing of stones and became caught up in the incident as he returned to the school on a bus to take exams.

A spokesperson for the Israeli Army said that troops responded after a number of Palestinians had approached a security fence in Budrus and damaged it attempting to enter Israel.

Medics said on Monday that a Palestinian farmer who was 21 was killed but fire from the Israeli military, but the army denied involvement in the incident. Last Saturday, a Palestinian who was also 21 was shot and killed by Israeli army troops when he attempted to cross the barrier in Dura a town in the southern part of the West Bank.

Israel said the barrier was erected to protect it from any militant attacks. However, Palestinians regard the barrier as a way for Israel to grab land within the limits of the West Bank.

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