Suicide Attack and Prison Assaults Kill 37

A car filled with explosives was rammed into a military patrol by a suicide bomber in the northern part of Iraq on Monday resulting in the deaths of 12 people, said medical officials and police.

The bomber ran into the patrol in a residential area in Mosul, killing three civilian and at least nine soldiers, said police. The police added that another 14 had been wounded, including four civilians.

Mosul is over 220 miles to the northwest of Baghdad and is one of the major flashpoints in the country. Recent bloodshed has killed over 2,000 Iraqis since April, which is the deadliest violence to hit the country in over five years.

In addition, officials in Iraq said the total number of casualties from attacks at two large prisons close to Baghdad on Sunday night stood at 25.

The attacks, said police started with mortar rounds and bombs at the Taji prison just 12 miles outside of Baghdad.

The main gate was then attacked by a single suicide car bomber, which sparked clashes amongst the guards and militants.

At another prison in the western suburb of Abu Ghraib, clashes also took place. Authorities said after the fighting they located two belts laden with explosives and two car bombs nearby.

No prisoners were able to escape in either of the assaults.

In July, over 450 people have already been killed, including 284 since Ramadan started said figures released by the Associated Press.

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