Suspect Sends Selfie with Beheaded Victim to Phone in Canada

The man who is suspected of beheading a businessman from France took a selfie with the victim then sent it through his WhatsApp to a cell phone in Canada, said officials on Saturday.

Investigators in France are trying to determine the recipient’s identity, but were not sure if was a person who now is in Syria.

This revelation has revived the concerns over terrorism in the country and added to the thought of whether a link exists between the attack and to radical groups.

The man suspected of the killing is a truck driver by the name of Yassin Salhi who has a history of ties with Islam. He was taken into custody and detained on Friday, after police said he crashed his truck into a chemical plant and hung the severed head of his employer on a gate in the factory.

In addition to Salhi being detained, his wife and sister were also being held. The three are in Lyon in police custody. One law enforcement official told an international news agency on the condition of anonymity, that the selfie had been forwarded through the WhatsApp messaging app to the phone number in Canada.

Jean-Christophe de Le Rue a public safety minister spokesperson did not say much about the ongoing investigation but did confirm that authorities in Canada were assisting France with the ongoing investigation.

Despite mimicking practices of extremist militant Islamists, no group has claimed a responsibility for last week’s attack.

This attack came only days after the Islamic State had urged more attacks during Ramadan the holy Muslim month.

A fourth individual who was arrested by law enforcement who had a possible connection with the murder was released and not charged.

French anti-terror laws said Salhi, his wife and sister could be held as long as four days prior to receiving charges or being released.

On Saturday, hundred showed up to honor Herve Cornara the businessman beheaded and to denounce all violence.

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