Syria Blast Kills 18 Including Children

Two car bombs in the province of Hama in central Syria killed as many as 18 people including 11 children, said the government’s media agency on Friday.

The two bombings were just the latest in a number of attacks between the rebels and government causing the number of civilian casualties to escalate.

The attacks of recent also fit a pattern becoming more and more familiar following over three years of internal conflict in the Middle East country.

Rebels, in their fight to oust President Bashar al-Assad’s government, are using mortars and car bombs to target the areas that are under the control of the government.

At the same time, government forces use artillery and aerial bombardment to strike areas that are rebel-held in Aleppo to the north and elsewhere.

A monitoring group that is pro-opposition reported that 15 people or more were killed in the two bombings in the province of Hama.

The majority of those killed or injured were in Jidreen a small town to the west of Hama, the capital of the province. One suicide bomber in Jidreen detonated a car that had been booby-trapped. The bomb killed 17 people, of which 11 were children, while injuring over 50 more, said the press in Syria.

The other bomb attack was in the city of al-Hmairi, which is located west of Hama. That car bombing killed just one and injured a dozen others, said the government’s official news agency.

The government’s state media released photographs of what they said were bandaged and bloodied survivors that included children while they were receiving treatment at a local hospital.

No immediate responsibility was taken for the two attacks using car bombs. Rebels that are tied to al-Qaeda have claimed to be responsible for prior car bombings in district that are controlled by the government.

The Assad government has blamed the car bombings prior to today on terrorists, using the term that the government has for all rebels that are anti-government.

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