Syria Disappears from the Internet

On Tuesday, it appeared that traffic on the Internet both going into and out of Syria had nearly come to a halt. Observers said a substantial drop in online traffic had taken place.

After an online security company looked closer at the data stream, it said that Syria had practically disappeared from the worldwide Web. Google data also supported that theory. Google said some type of disruption in service had taken place in Syria since all Internet service Google has in Syria had been unavailable for most of the afternoon on Tuesday.

The Border Gateway Protocol or BGP distributes the various routing information on the web and makes sure that routers on the Internet know how to find certain IP addresses. The security company said that on Tuesday afternoon that there were just 3 routs for Syria in the BGP routing tables.

Normally, said security officials that number is close to 80. Even though it appeared that the Internet traffic into and out of Syria had been disrupted severely, it was still unknown if Internet services within the country were still available for communication. The security firm said that the shutdown effectively cut Syria off from the outside international Internet community across the globe.

At this time, Syria is in its third year of a bloody civil conflict between the government of President Bashar al-Assad and opposition rebels. Of recent, the conflict has become more intense as both sides blamed the other for use of chemical weapons. In addition, Israel has had various air attacks on Damascus creating much more tension in the region.

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