Syria sends report to WHO accusing Israel of torture

In the United Nations, Syria has slammed Israel over what they described as the deterioration of health conditions in the Golan Heights.

Syria, which is constantly accused of violating its own citizens’ human rights, has now accused Israel of allowing the health conditions of Syrians in the occupied Golan to deteriorate due to suppressive practices carried out through the Israeli occupation.

The reported released on Thursday says that Syria had made these allegations against Israel through a report that was presented on Monday to the World Health Organization.

According to the UN Watch, the WHO agenda or its supporting documents does not make any mention of the 80,000 civilians that have been killed in Syria, the thousands that have been disfigured or injured, the millions of refugees, including more than 600,000 children or the 2 million youngsters that have been displaced within Syria.

The Health Ministry of Syria, in their report to the World Health Assembly said Syrians had been deprived of their medical treatments because they rejected Israeli citizenship.

The report goes on to accuse Israel of carrying out torture on Syrians that are held in prisons in Israel, saying in the report that the Syrians are continuing to be held inside detention centers that have inhumane conditions.

The report also claims that Israel uses Syrian and Arab detainees for testing medicines and then they are brutally tortured and subsequently coerced into confessing their guilt for crimes that they never committed.

The allegations said that Israel injects the Arab and Syrian detainees with dangerous viruses that produce disabilities and diseases, with some even having a fatal outcome.

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