Syria to Attend Talks in Geneva

met 1The regime in Syria will be sending a delegation to a peace conference to be held in Geneva under orders from President Bashar al-Assad. However, his rule over the country torn by civil war cannot be a topic of discussion, said an official from the regime Wednesday.

This announcement was 24 hours after rebel opposition insisted that Assad cannot participate in a transition, which echoed calls by powers in the West for the Assad must step down.

This peace conference in January 22 referred to as Geneva 2 has a goal of ending the civil war that has gone on for close to three years. The war has killed over 120,000 and sent millions fleeing their homes.

The source within the regime also said that the group would not go to the meeting in Geneva with the idea of handing over power.

The source said the Syrian delegation insists it is not going to Geneva to pass power to another group, but to participate in talks with people who have furthering interests in Syria and support a solution politically for the future of the country.

The source was critical of British, French and other western powers as well as those representing them in the Arab World that insists there is no possibility for Assad to take part in the period of transition.

On Tuesday, Laurent Fabius, the Foreign Minister of France said the upcoming peace conference would be held without Assad or those who radically oppose him.

Those remarks come as an opposition coalition, that is at odds with the rebels fighting in Syria, insisted Assad had to leave, casting doubt that a compromise would be found.

The coalition confirmed its complete rejection of President Assad or anyone responsible for the killing of Syrian people in playing a role in the transition or the future of Syria politically.

A new rebel alliance formed just recently said on Tuesday it wanted to replace the regime in Syria with another Islamic state.

The Islamic Front, the largest rebel group in Syria with fighters in the thousands, spelt out what its intentions were in playing a part in society, politics and battle.

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