Syrian Observatory Says 90 Killed in Strikes by Syria Regime

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights released a statement that said strikes launched on Saturday by the Syrian government in Aleppo had targeted several residential areas held by rebels. The strikes killed an estimated 90 people and left dozens injured.

Amongst the 90 killed were 13 children in Aleppo a province in the northern region of Syria. The Syrian regime sent aircraft into the area dropping dozens of barrels filled with explosives, said a watchdog group on Sunday, which is pro-opposition.

The strikes on Saturday targets a number of the residential areas that are known to be rebel strongholds, said the human rights group that is based in Britain.

The province of Aleppo has been the scene of heavy fighting, as opposition fighters and troops from the government have wrestled for months to gain control of the city of Aleppo the capital of the province and the largest city in Syria.

This weekend’s victims of the brutal attack included an unknown number of opposition rebel fighters that have battled for almost three years in an attempt of overthrow current President Bashar al-Assad.

Organizations in human rights have on repeated occasions condemned the Syrian regime for its use of improvised weaponry, calling them indiscriminate weapons that hit innocent civilians and using them is equal to a war crime against humanity.

The latest group of barrel bombings came just a day after delegates from the opposition and those from the government regime concluded negotiations that lasted a week in the Switzerland city if Geneva. The talks made very little progress towards bringing an end to the conflict of nearly 3 years.

The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights has a complete network of activists throughout Syria. The group said the three-year conflict has killed over 136,000 people, including more than 6,000 during January.

Last month the United Nations said it stopped counting the number of dead, citing the lack of accessibility into the areas of the conflict zones. However, in July of 2013, the United Nations put its death toll in Syria at over 100,000.

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