Syrian Plane Shot Down by Turkey

The armed forces in Turkey have shot down Syrian plane after it had crossed into Turkey’s air space on Sunday in a region of the border were rebels from Syria are battling forces from President Bashar al-Assad.

Tayyip Erdogan the Prime Minister of Turkey said that Turkish air space had been violated by a Syrian plan. Erdogan announced the incident during a rally of many supports in the Northwestern part of the country.

Erdogan said F-16s were scrambled with the plane entered Turkish airspace. The prime minister said if Turkish airspace is violated Turkey’s slap is hard.

Rebels in Syria have been in heavy battles trying to gain control of the Kasab Crossing, which is a border region that since Friday has seen an offensive launched by authorities that is backed by the Turkish government.

Syria announced that air defenses from Turkey had shot the jet down while the jet was attacking rebel forces that were inside Syria. They called the attack by Turkey blatant aggression.

State television in Syria quoted a source in the military as saying the jet’s pilot had managed to eject out of the plane. The monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the first reports from that area, described the jet coming down on Syria’s side of the border.

Television station Al Manar, which is the Hezbollah’s, the Lebanese ally for Assad, said the two rockets were fired from Turkish soil at Syria’s jet.

The border between Syria and Turkey and Syria and Israel has been the site of many skirmishes and has caused tensions between Israel and Syria and Syria and Turkey.

The nearly four-year-old war in Syria has spilled over into neighboring Turkey and is causing problems for some in Lebanon.

Israeli authorities launched air strikes at Syria when rockets landed in Israel territory during the past week, which has caused even further tension.

Hezbollah the Lebanese militant group is fighting alongside President Assad’s forces against opposition rebels in the four-year long war.

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