Syrian Rebels Being Trained by U.S.

A leading newspaper in the United States has reported that the U.S. government has increased its support of the different rebel groups inside Syria by training the rebel forces at one of their base camps. The newspaper reported that the White House administration had told them it offered non-lethal assistance to the armed groups as a way to help their ongoing military campaign against the current regime.

The training is currently ongoing and represents the largest involvement by the U.S. to date in the Syrian civil war between the rebel factions and President Bashar al-Assad’s current regime. It is still unknown what the full extent of the U.S. involvement is at this point.

The report in the newspaper also said that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry would be proposing a new idea to the opposition in Syria over offering training to the rebels. The proposal from Kerry is expected at a meeting scheduled for next Monday in Turkey with Kerry, leaders from Arab and European countries and representatives from the opposition groups in Syria.

The goal said someone familiar with the situation was to work directly with the opposition in Turkey to increase support for them. Both military and civil representatives from the different opposition groups fighting in Syria will be represented at the meeting.

In a shift in foreign policy, the U.S. decided to provide some food and medical supplies to the groups fighting the regime in Syria, but is against providing those same groups with weapons of any kind, according to one source in the White House.

Kerry has told reporters that the opposition in Syria needed more help in its attempt to defeat the current regime.


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