Syrian Refugees by the Thousands Flee Islamic State

The number of refugees from Syria who have entered Turkey over the last four days due to fleeing the militants from the Islamic State now exceeds 130,000, said the deputy prime minister of Turkey.

Numan Kurtulmus has warned that this number could increase even further, but has insisted Turkey was ready for what he described as the worst-case scenario.

The Turkish deputy prime minister said he hoped the country would not face a refugee wave that was bigger, but if they are, they will have the necessary precautions.

He added that a wave of refugees in the hundreds of thousands was a distinct possibility.

Turkey has been receiving the refugees since Thursday. The refugees are escaping the offensive made by the Islamic State that has pushed Syria’s internal conflict to within sight of the border with Turkey.

Over the past 3 ½ years, the conflict within Syria has pushed over one million Syrians into Turkey.

The al-Qaeda splinter group, which established a caliphate or Islamic state ruled with its harsh Islamic law in the areas it captured that straddle the border between Syrian and Turkey.

Just recently, the group advanced into the areas of Syria that are the Kurds and border Turkey.

The refugees fleeing on Sunday reported many atrocities that included beheadings, stoning and the burning of homes.

The Turkish deputy prime minister said the disaster was not a natural one by one made by man.

Turkish authorities do not know how many additional villages might be raided or how many additional people could be forced into the refugee camps.

Turkish officials said a force that was uncontrollable, referring to the Islamic State militants, was attacking civilians and no one could be sure how it would affect the number of refugees that cross into Turkey.

As refugees on Sunday entered Turkey, the Kucuk Kendirciler bordering crossing was closed to Kurds in an attempt to prevent them from going into Syria and fighting.

Hundreds of fighters who were Kurds left Turkey on Saturday for Syria through a small village according to human rights agencies on the ground in the area.

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