Teen Sentenced to Four Years For Attempting to Join IS

A federal judge handed down a four-year sentence on Friday to Shannon Conley a 19-year old from Colorado. The sentence was for conspiracy to support Islamic State.

Conley admitted in court that she wanted to marry an Islamist jihadist and to take part in the group’s battle of creating a caliphate across the Middle East.

The judge initially favored having the teen receive psychiatric treatment. However, he eventually sided with the prosecutors and sentenced the woman to time behind bars to help deter other American from doing the same thing.

Over a span of just a few months, the Colorado teen agree to wed three men from IS just so she could become a member of the militant, terrorist group.

She prefers to be referred to as Amatullah, a female servant of Allah. However, when she did convert to Islam she used Halima as her name.

Prior to being sentenced, Conley read a prepared statement while crying that recounted her experience with IS. She acknowledged that being arrested allowed her the opportunity to find out the truth about the militant group because while she has been in jail, she had time to read the entire Quran, the Muslims holy book.

She blames Islam scholars that she followed online for giving a distorted view to her of their faith. She said her commitment to jihad was borne from her desire to defend the Muslims, not to hurt others.

She asked the court for the opportunity to prove she did not represent a threat to society. However, the court did not accept her plea.

Her parents were angry at the court’s ruling, which is not at all surprising. Her mother told reporters that if the legal system in the U.S. was willing to sacrifice a 19-year old American’s future, to drive home a point, then the winner of this battle was the terrorists.

Besides sentencing her to four years behind bars, the judge ordered Conley to undergo three additional years of supervised released as well as perform community service.

He also banned Conley from owning any explosive materials or black powder.

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