Telecommunication Company of Iran to Launch Internet TV

Telecommunication Company of Iran to Launch Internet TV

The Telecommunication Company of Iran in cooperation with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting is going to launch Internet TV project named “Mehr Media”.

The top managers of IRIB and TCI signed a formal contract to deliver the IP Media services to Iranian users. According to this contract Internet TV will be available in hundreds channels and will be streamed through Internet. Users can watch Web TV via Set-up boxes, computers, laptops, mobile phones and any device that has a display feature.

The executive manager of IP Media project, Nader Saberivand, said his team is going to form a committee to implement this national project. “The pilot phase of this project has been implemented in Qazvin province and it has 40 subscribers. The results were fantastic.”

“By using advanced technologies we are able to transfer sounds and pictures to end users. So for launching this new service, IRIB must cooperate with TCI.” said Siahkali, VP of Virtual Media in Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). He also invited companies and corporations belonged to private sectors to produce content for this new network. “The project will take advantage from local softwares and hardwares. So there is no fear about the effects of sanctions on Web TV. We can also offer other services via this project and they will be announced in future.”

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