Tensions Increase between Hamas and Palestinian Authority

This past weekend, Mahmoud Abbas the President of the Palestinian Authority blasted Hamas, raising doubts about the future of the unity government between the two Palestinian rivals.

The West Bank is controlled by the Palestinian Authority and the Gaza is under the control of Hamas the militant group. The rivals agreed to form earlier in the year a unity government, but Abbas has accused Hamas of operating its own shadow government inside Gaza.

Abbas said the state of affairs currently taking place cannot be accepted and a partnership with Hamas will not be accepted if they continue what they are doing in Gaza.

There exists a shadow government with 27 ministers who are running the strip and the unified government has been rendered helpless.

Sami Abu Zuhri a senior spokesman with Hamas lashed back at Abbas’ comments.

He said Abbas’ statements with regard to Hamas were unjustifiable and the information and figures upon which he had based his judgment are false.

He said both sides agreed to have a meeting soon to move ahead with dialogue and to start the articles for the reconciliation agreement.

The rift is in stark contrast to statements made by Abbas this past April on the reconciliation.

Abbas the Fatah faction founder said he wanted to end the division between Hamas and Fatah. He also noted that the new unified government would recognize Israel but it would not recognize it as a Jewish state.

Currently negotiations are taking place between the Palestinians and Israel following their war of 50 days that killed more than 1,100 Palestinians and caused infrastructure damage that will take years if not decades to fix.

The Israel government was very upset in April upon hearing of the unity government between Hamas and the Palestinians. Hamas has said in the past that their goal is the elimination of Israel.

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