Thick Haze Covers Israel Cancelling Flights

Israair and Arkia cancelled all their domestic flights, while Sde Dov and Eilat airports ceased operations because of the weather. The Minister of Environmental Protections warned against the prolonged exposure to the aerial pollutants.

Severe air pollution was spreading across the majority of the country Wednesday. Pollution levels were 30 times the norm while coastal regions including Jerusalem and Beer Shave recorded 26 times above the norm.

A forecaster for air pollution from the ministry said that on a typical day, the average breathable particulates concentration fluctuates from 50 to 60 parts an hour, however, the current levels were far higher.

The heavy haze led as well to the delay or cancellations of flights throughout the country.

The haze is just a precursor to rain that is expected to wash the haze away over the upcoming few days.

The electric company in Israel stated Tuesday that it had been preparing for damage to its power grid. The winds coming from the north from Jordan and Saudi Arabia have caused dust and sandstorms, which limits visibility.

However, a series of clouds followed by thunder and lightning are expected. This haze should continue through the night and into Thursday, especially in the northern part of the country.

The IEC said that a combination of rain and dust could cause outages of power.

Heavy winds are expected which could cause loose objects to be tossed around and create damage to property or even hurt someone.

On Tuesday, a plane left Dubai and has been scheduled to land in Amman, but had been diverted to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. The aircraft was on the tarmac in Israel due to bad weather and poor visibility and now must wait in Israel for better weather to take off.

Israel suffered another sandstorm during early September, which lasted a number of days.

The storm in September has been called the worst ever in Israel according to officials.

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