Thousands Protest at Funeral of slain Tunisian

Thousands and thousands of Tunisians came to the funeral of Mohamed Brahmi a secular politician assassinated this week. Those who came to the funeral called for the toppling of the government that Islamists run.

Helicopters from the military hovered above while hundreds of police and military lined the funeral route attended by the widow of Brahmi, his son and a number of prominent politicians in the country.

People in the funeral procession yelled Ghannouchi is a criminal, assassin referring to the ruling Islamist party leader Rached Ghannouchi and the party Ennahda that the family of Brahmi says was behind his killing.

Ghannouchi denounced Thursday’s assassination of Brahmi as a direct attack against democracy.

The death of Brahmi further deepens the divide between the secular opponents and the Islamists. The opponents emerged following the toppling of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in 2011. It was the first of the Arab Spring revolutions that would later topple leaders in Yemen, Libya and Egypt.

On Saturday, witnesses claim a man had been killed during a protest against the government in Gafsa in the southern section of the country. Reports also came in from other cities that said they had been experiencing violence.

In Tunis, a car bomb exploded but did cause casualties. Authorities are doing all possible to maintain control while watching nervously at the violence in Egypt that is now out of hand following the ouster of President Morsi.

The killing Brahmi outside his home in Tunis, Thursday came only months after Chokri Belaid, another secular leader had been killed in an attack that was similar that stocked the protests that eventually became violent.

Brahmi will be buried near the tomb of Belaid in a central Tunis cemetery

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