Top Election Official in Egypt Resigns

Because of allegations of irregularities, one of the top Egyptian officials overseeing the vote on the draft constitution resigned, but he says due to health problems, while others believe his resignation was due to the widespread irregularities that had been alleged.

Zaghloul el-Balshi the Secretary General for the Election Committee attributed his resigning to a health problem, according to his letter that was sent on Wednesday to the committee and published by a number of newspapers. In his letter, he said the amount of work and effort he put into his work over the last period has created a health crisis. He wrote that he could not carry out the responsibilities of his mission because of his health condition.

His critics however, say that his resignation was prompted by too many irregularities. They said the violations had been blatant and that he could not bear anymore so he decided to resign.

A number of the judges in the country would not oversee the referendum, though there was a requirement by law that each polling station be supervised by one of the country’s judges. The judges boycotted because they were protesting the actions of President Mohammed Morsi with judges.

The most recent branch of the judiciary deciding to boycott was the administrative prosecution. On Wednesday, at a news conference they protested the “abduction” of the country’s Supreme Constitutional Court. The Muslim Brotherhood had accused the court of conspiring against the new referendum.

For weeks, supporters of the Brotherhood held a sit-in preventing members from holding a quorum.

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