Tripoli: Jordan Ambassador Kidnapped

Authorities announced the Jordan ambassador to Libya has been kidnapped. Officials from both countries reported that on Tuesday, in central Tripoli Ambassador Fawaz al-Aytan had been abducted together with his entire security detail. The ambassador’s driver was injured in the kidnapping.

A Libyan Foreign Affairs spokesperson said the convoy carrying the ambassador was ambushed by a group of masked gunmen that were in two vehicles and they whisked away al-Aytan. No reports of any other injuries other than the driver were released.

Officials have often been the target of and intimidated by different groups of militia in the highly fractured nation.

This past Sunday the newly appointed Libyan Prime Minister stepped down following an attack against him and his family members.

A resident who lived in the neighborhood said the Prime Minister and family came under an attack while in his convoy by militia near his Tripoli home.

After the convoy escaped the planned attack and entered a neighborhood near the airport road in Tripoli, heavy gunfire could be heard in the area.

Al-Thinni said he and his Cabinet would continue to serve as the caretaker of the government until a new leader is chosen. The interim parliament in Libya, the General National Congress, will select the new leader.

Increased concerns have been heard about the security situation inside Libya as it continues to deteriorate. The road to democracy has been bumpy since 2011 when longtime ruler Moammar Gaddafi was overthrown and eventually killed.

Thus far, the government has not been able to build a police force and army to rein in the many militia groups with competing ideologies, interests and agendas, which continue destabilizing the nation in North Africa.

In an incident that is unrelated, Ahmad Shah Wahid, the Public Works deputy minister in Afghanistan was abducted early Tuesday by gunmen.

Wahid was driven to his office and had his car fired upon. The driver was hit and injured while the gunmen grabbed Wahid and took him with them.

Libya is being pressured by dozens of militia groups and has become worse over the past six months as problems with militia groups are becoming out of control.

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