Turkey Set to Help Greece with Economic Crisis

This week, Turkey announced it was ready to help out Greece with is growing financial crisis, as its neighbor moved closer to a default.

Ahmet Davutoglu the Prime Minister of Turkey, said the country was ready to help Greece survive its current economic crisis, with cooperation in trade, energy and tourism.

The Turkish Prime Minister said his country wanted Greece strong and therefore would be positive when it came to any proposal for cooperation. Davutoglu added that a delegation from Turkey would visit Greece for a meeting as quickly as possible for consideration on joint steps related to the financial crisis.

If there is no deal made, Greece will default on its debt payment to the International Monetary Fund of $1.7 billion next Tuesday July 7 and risk exiting the eurozone and quite possibly the European Union as well.

Alexis Tsipras the Prime Minister of Greece has asked that the bailout program be extended another month to allow for its referendum scheduled for Sunday on the austerity that creditors are demanding for Athens. However, eurozone lenders quickly rejected the request by Tsipras.

Earlier this week, Nihat Zeybekci the Economic Minister of Turkey said if Greece were to submit an official proposal regarding financial aid, the government would evaluate it.

The Pro-Kurdish and leftwing People’s Democratic Party issued a solidarity message to Greece saying they were with the people of Greece and the government in the struggle for equality, justice and democracy against austerity.

The co-chairs of the HDP added that they believe apart from demanding austerity programs on the people of Europe, there could be agreements that are more reasonable, which would be acceptable. The HDP is considered the equivalent in Turkey to Syriza the ruling party in Greece.

Relations between Turkey and Greece had improved recently but the division over Cyprus keeps ties from being closer between the two neighbors.

Cyprus has remained divided since July of 1974 when it was invaded in the north by Turkey, following a coup that was engineered by a junta that was ruling Athens and aimed to unite the island with Greece.

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