Turkish Action is Unrealistic in Syria Against Islamic State

The foreign minister for Turkey says the country cannot be expected to head a ground operation in Syria against the Islamic State radical militant group all alone.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu called for a no-fly zone to be created along its border with Syria following talks with Jens Stoltenberg the new chief of NATO.

Turkey has been under great pressure to help the Kurdish forces that are fighting IS in Kobane a strategic town in Syria.

Activists said that Islamic State is now in control of close to one third of the town after heaving fighting.

One group that has monitored the civil war in Syria quoted a reliable source that said IS was moving towards the center of Kobane from its eastern districts.

A Kurdish leader earlier said that IS entered two additional districts during the night and brought many heavy weapons.

Turkey has tanks stationed along the border that overlooks Kobane, but has done nothing to intervene.

Cavusoglu has been holding talks with NATO’s Stoltenberg and envoys from the U.S. on possible action by Turkey against IS.

However, the Turkish foreign minister said it would be unrealistic to expect his country to conduct its own ground operation.

He added that talks were being held and once a common decision is reached, Turkey would not hold back from playing a role.

The United States is the lead in an international coalition against the IS, after the militant group took large sections of territory in both Iraq and Syria, which both have borders with Turkey.

Turkey is still wary of its involvement partly due to its concern of arming the Kurds who are fighting the militants. Turkey has battled a long civil war with its own Kurdish minority.

Protesters who are pro-Kurdish have demanded intervention by Turkey and have clashed with Turkish police in a number of cities over the last few days.

On Wednesday, more fighting in Istanbul took place with protesters throwing petrol bombs towards police, who responded with tear gas and water cannons.

However, last week the Turkish government did win authorization from the parliament for possible military action.

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