Two Iranians Jailed Over Bomb Plot in Bangkok

On Thursday, a Thai court sentenced two Iranian men to between 15 years and life for taking part in a bomb plot gone bad, in 2012 in the city of Bangkok.

The botched plan resulted in one of the men losing his legs when a bomb exploded and blew them off.

The two men, who have denied the bomb charges, were amongst five Iranians that were suspected of being involved in bomb blasts that the country of Israel has linked back to a group of attacks in 2012 on it diplomats in different places around the world.

Saeid Moradi, who is 29, lost both legs while hurling a bomb at police in the capital of Thailand, was pronounced guilty of the charges of attempted murder and given a life term by the criminal court in Bangkok.

Mohammad Khazaei, the other defendant who is 43, received a term of 15 years for possessing explosives.

The blasts took place February 14 of 2012 and occurred just a day after attacks on diplomats from Israel in Georgia and India.

One explosion tore a home’s roof off in the suburban area of Bangkok, when the bombs accidentally detonated inside the home.

Moradi, said prosecutors, attempted to escape by taking two bombs with him. He threw the first to stop some people from following him and the second when he was told to stop by police.

The judge said, during the sentencing that an expert witness had testified that the C-4 explosives were hidden inside radios at the home.

The court heard from witnesses that Khazaei had escaped the house following one explosion, but was apprehended by police while at the airport attempting to board a plane.

Another man, who is thought to have left to Malaysia, was in custody and fighting against Thai extradition.

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