Two Mubarak Sons Freed

Officials in Egypt said the two sons of Hosni Mubarak the ousted President of Egypt were released on Monday from prison nearly four years after being arrested with their father.

Egyptian security officials told reporters that the pair, Alaa a wealthy businessman and Gamal the one time heir to his father walked free in southern Cairo from the Torah Prison shortly after dawn and were going to their respective homes in the upscale suburb of Heliopolis in Cairo.

Mohammed Ibrahim the Interior Minister, who is the head of the prisons and the police, confirmed the two were released, but did not say at what time they were released.

There has been great speculation amongst activists that the two might have been freed secretly during the weekend.

The two, as well as their father, are still facing another trial on charges of corruption for which there has yet to be a date set for it to start.

Separately, both sons face trial on charges of insider trading. Hearings were scheduled to resume during March.

Mubarak, who is 86 and not healthy, stepped down almost four years ago during an uprising. He and both sons were arrested in 2011.

Mubarak remains hospitalized in a military hospital in southern Cairo.

The two sons’ release was expected since Thursday when a court in Cairo ordered them to be released on bail.

Both Mubarak sons were given 4-year sentences for using state funds to remodel their homes. Their father was given three years in the same case. This month the sentences were overturned.

In 2012, Mubarak was given a life sentence for not preventing the deaths of 900 protesters during an uprising of 18 days. That verdict was also overturned. He was then retried by that case was dismissed in December.

The two sons of Mubarak walked free only a day after clashes between protesters against the government and police that killed as many as 23 on Sunday.

Three men who were allegedly planting bombs were amongst the dead as well as three police officers.

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