U.N. Inspectors Fired Upon

United Nations inspectors who were attempting to see the site where an alleged attack using chemical weapons took place, were forced to return to their base after the convey they were in came under sniper fire that the UN said was intentional fire.

The team leader said the group would attempt against to reach the area later Monday. However, at the same time, three key allies of the U.S. said on Monday they would back the White House administration if President Obama decides to take military action against the regime in Syria without first receiving a mandate from the UN.

The first Chemical Weapons Investigation Team vehicle was inside the buffer zone between rebel and government positions when intentional fire was received on multiple occasions by snipers, who could not be identified, said the UN statement.

No one from the team was injured, but since the car was not usable any longer, the team had to return to territory held by the government.

No mention of what side the firing had come from was included in the statement, but it urged both sides to extend cooperation so the UN could safely carry out this important work.

The Syrian government first balked, but on Sunday agreed to allow inspectors to visit the site of the alleged chemical weapon attack in the eastern part of Damascus, where hundreds died and thousands were injured.

Inspectors from the UN, wearing armor, left central Damascus on Monday in a convoy that included seven vehicles.

Syria decided it would allow access by the team to the site after the White House administration started consultations over how to best respond to what happened last Wednesday.

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