U.N.: Over Two Million Have Left Syria

A refugee agency from the United Nations announced that over 2 million Syrians have now registered as being refugees. Just six months ago, the total was only one million.

The UNHCR said that now there are more Syrians displaced than any other nationality in the world.

The U.S. and France maintain their push to take military action over the Syrian regime’s alleged use of chemical weapons on August 21.

Some suggestions have been made that a much wider action will be taken by President Barack Obama than what he called limited strikes.

These reports came to light as senior politicians in the U.S. were preparing to speak in front of a congressional committee in an attempt to rally support prior to a vote by the full Congress that is expected to take place next week on whether or not the U.S. should attack Syria, with its military.

In Syria, tensions are high as they are throughout the entire region. On Tuesday, Russia announced that it detected two ballistic missiles firings towards the eastern coastline of the Mediterranean, which helped to spark speculation of a possible connection to the crisis in Syria.

However, it was later confirmed by Israel that it had been a joint Israel-U.S. missile test.

In a Tuesday statement, the UNHCR said Syria was hemorrhaging men, women and children who have crossed borders with little else than the clothing they are wearing.

Nearly 50% of those who have been forced out of Syria are children, estimated the UN agencies, with close to 75% under the age of 11.

The highest amount of refugees has been received by Lebanon with 700,000 Syrians crossing over into the country. Lebanon is one of the smallest neighbors of Syria and one that is least able to cope with the influx of people.

Estimates say that for every one Syrian refugee in Lebanon, there are six Lebanese. Jordan has received the second largest amount of refugees, while Turkey is third.

Along with the two million Syrians that have left to other countries, an estimated 4.25 million more are displaced, but still inside Syria, said the UNHCR.

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