U.S. Citizen Who Fought for IS Killed in Syria

A citizen of the U.S. who is suspected of fighting next to the militants of Islamic State, who have taken control of large areas of land in Syria and Iraq, was killed in Syria, said an official from the U.S.

Late Tuesday, the White House confirmed that Douglas McArthur McCain, who was 33 had been killed. McCain was at one time an aspiring rapper in California who also was an avid fan of basketball.

McCain, who had converted to Islam from Christianity close to 10 years ago, was killed while fighting against al-Nursa Front the group that is linked to al-Qaeda and blacklisted by the White House, said a media report from the United States.

Caitlin Hayden a National Security Council spokeswoman announced they were award that a citizen from the U.S. by the name of Douglas McCain had been in the country of Syria and that his death could be confirmed.

She added that the U.S. uses every tool it has to dissuade and disrupt individuals from the U.S. to travel abroad for jihad and in addition track and also engage those that do return.

An official from of national security who did not want his named released told a news agency that the death of McCain was being investigated by the FBI.

A representative from the State Department said officials were in contact with the family of the deceased and providing all the necessary consular assistance.

A newspaper in Minneapolis reported that McCain’s family was concerned with the expressions of support McCain had made of the fighters from the Islamic State.

The death of McCain comes as Western allies have become alarmed by foreign fighters participating in Iraq and Syria, particularly from Europe and the United States.

The State Department, estimates that close to 12,000 fighters from close to 50 countries, are fighting in Syria.

Eric Holder the U.S. Attorney General said that federal prosecutors had already opened 100 investigations into U.S. citizens who might have travelled to Iraq or Syria to fight.

In May a man who was 22 and from Florida was involved in a suicide bombing in the Idlib province of Syria, while a woman from Denver was arrested during July on suspicion of attempting to leave the U.S. and go to Syria to aid fighters.

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