U.S. evacuates all Yemen Embassy Staff urges Americans to Leave

The United States State Department ordered on Tuesday most of its embassy personnel in Yemen to leave the country.

At the same time, it urged all citizens from the U.S. currently inside that country to get out due to a threat from al-Qaeda that caused government officials to order the shuttering of close to 20 American consulates and embassies over the weekend.

The Air Force from the U.S. has already evacuated personnel from the State Department from Sanaa, the capital of the country, as part of a broader evacuation effort.

The Defense Department in the U.S. has maintained personnel in Yemen on the ground to support State Department personnel still there and monitor the situation of security.

The developments took place on Tuesday very quickly as two strikes by drones killed four militant suspected to be from al-Qaeda in Mareb province a stronghold of the group.

Sources said one of the strikes hit a vehicle carrying four militants, while a militant hideout was hit by the other strike.

Reports said that over the last six days, there have been six drone attacks carried out in Yemen.

The White House administration offered very little information over the threats, but has said repeatedly they appear to have originated in and directed toward somewhere in the Arabian Peninsula. That is where Yemen is and where Al Qaeda’s most prominent affiliate is.

The state department said it had ordered the departures of staff because of the continued potential of possible attacks of terrorism. It added that every American located in Yemen should exit the country immediately due to an extremely high threat level.

The warning said that since staff levels in the Embassy were limited, the ability to assist fellow citizens of the U.S. in the case of an emergency would be limited and might be even worse due to the security situation.

Only two hours following the warning by the U.S., the government of Britain said it was temporarily withdrawing its staff from Yemen for security reasons.

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