U.S. Looking Into Iraq Air Base

Washington is looking into opening a new air base in Kurdistan, to be used in its campaign against the Islamic State terror group, according to a new media report.

This comes as the Obama administration’s special envoy for ISIS speaks about a ground operation against the militant group inside Iraq.

This base said to be set up in the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan in Erbil in the northern region of Iraq is to be used as a hub for logistics to supply munitions for planes from the U.S. led coalition against the militant group.

A member of the Kurdish forces said that surveillance would be done from the base, but the warplanes used to bomb targets of IS will not take off from the new base.

Many Air Force Black Hawk helicopters from the U.S. have been deployed earlier in the month to Erbil to ensure rescue operations are quick to save any downed bomber pilots. Such operations have become a priority after fighters from ISIS burned a captured pilot alive.

Fighter jets from the U.S. as well as its allies have conducted airstrikes in Iraq against ISIS since the beginning of August.

Starting in September, the U.S. and Arab allies Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE started to bomb IS targets in Syria, without receiving any authorization from a mandate from the U.N. or the government of Syria.

A major counter offensive will be on ground inside Iraq, said a retired General from the Marine Corps, who is the special envoy for the White House on the IS. The operation was actually supposed to be an offensive by the Iraqi army supported by the coalition firepower against IS.

However, on Friday, IS carried out a coordinated attack with suicide bombers against the base that is housing 320 Marines from the U.S. only a few miles from Baghdadi in western Iraq.

Pentagon sources said the Marines who give training to the Iraqi army were not involved directly with the fighting.

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