U.S. Not in Agreement with Netanyahu on IS and Iran Comments

On Monday, the State Department of the United States said in a news conference that it did not agree with the assertion by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Hamas and the Islamic State were branches on one poisonous tree.

A spokesperson from the State Department said that obviously, the U.S. has designated both Hamas and the Islamic State as terrorist groups, but the Islamic State is a different type threat in the U.S. and to Western worldwide interests.

Later during his speech at the UN to the General Assembly, Netanyahu said Iran was still a big threat to the existence of Israel. He warned Iran did not want to give up its controversial nuclear program, but rather only wants the sanctions to go away that are against the country.

In response, the State Department spokesperson said the U.S. wants Iran to rejoin the overall international community through proving and showing that the nuclear program the country has is only peaceful.

The spokesperson said that any agreement that is reached would be based upon facts and details not on how it impacts us or charm offensive.

The U.S. said the spokesperson from the State Department would not agree to any comprehensive accord that did not meet the thresholds or standards the U.S. requires.

The spokesperson also mentioned issues like the poor records for human rights in Iran and the funding of terror as reasons that have strained the relationship the U.S. has with Iran.

The spokesperson was asked during a press conference about whether she worried over Iran’s desire to use its Shia Islam in order to take the world over, she said there was more concerned over getting Iran to make an agreement to curb nuclear activities for the easing of the economic sanctions.

She said the U.S. was obviously focused on today and the effort has been focused on the negotiations and upcoming November deadline.

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  1. wavettore says:

    The World conspiracy is not a theory.

    Israel was a concept before it became a State and today is a State like no other. In fact it is the only Country in the World that has never defined its borders since its Declaration of Independence and now is ready to expand its territory through the use of any means.

    All Media and the many US politicians on payroll of Israel demand the US ground troops involvement to fight a new World War in place of Israel. After Al Qaeda and ISIS other phantom legions, all financed by counter terrorist agencies and by individual Zionists sponsors, will continue to appear on first page until the US troops will be obliged to intervene.

    Obama is aware of it and feels stuck in a quicksand
    The stalemate will go on until Jeb Bush will become US president, then …

    How could anyone still believe the story of Osama Bin Laden?


  2. aminsheedi says:

    It was Zionist mission that as soon they got green line to establish state in middle east brought all the terrorist from eastern Europe like mushy Dayan, golda meir, sheroon minham bagan to spread the land of arab kill and grape the land from Syria,Egypt, Jordan,Palestinian., otherwise they have only tel ave british give no land mark for them come and ask Zionist help yourself arab are weak now arab and world know who is terrorist and who is playing game on Zionist list.

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