U.S. Orders Personnel to Leave Lebanon

The State Department in the U.S. ordered is non-emergency personnel to immediately leave Lebanon. A voluntary evacuation was approved from southern Turkey.

The state department said that current high tensions within the region were cause for the evacuation but did not mention Syria specifically.

U.S. citizens who were travelling to or in the two countries were also warned by the department to remain alert for any potential dangers.

The Congress in the U.S. is debating the request by the White House Administration to hit Syria with a military strike in response to its alleged use of chemical weapons against its own people.

A spokesperson for the State Department said that due to the current tensions within the region, as well as threats to personnel and facilities of the U.S. government, it has decided to take the necessary steps to protect diplomatic mission employees along with their families and local employees.

No details were offered over threats to the U.S. embassy in Lebanon or its Adana, Turkey consulate.

However, it did issue a warning a few days prior to the 12th anniversary of the attack on 9/11 amidst an intense debate as to the potential strike against Syria by President Obama.

Obama and his Congressional leaders have spent the past week on Capitol Hill attempting to drum up support from lawmakers to authorize a resolution to use military force against Syria. The vote on that is expected to take place sometime next week.

However, analysts believe supporters of Obama face a difficult battle to win authorization in the House, where representatives from both political parties are not in favor of involving the military of the U.S. in Syria’s civil war.

Separately, there were nearly 20 embassies or consulates closed in the region for a weekend during August.

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