U.S. Says Government in Iraq Needs Assistance

Radical Islamists have pushed forward inside Iraq while the U.S. has come increasingly more nervous and seeking ways to halt the militants from nearing Baghdad.

As the country begins to further disintegrate, its residents were fleeing Mosul in huge droves. The second largest city in the country was captured this week by militants after soldiers and police fled leaving their weapons and uniforms behind.

Families worried about what would happened were eager to leave but caught in long traffic jams that stretched for miles.

Violence started to spread and security began to deteriorate across the country, which has prompted U.S. President Obama to say the government of the beleaguered country needed help.

Obama said Iraq would need more U.S. help as well as from the international community. He said he would not rule out anything because the country had a stake in making sure that jihadists did not get a permanent foothold in Iraq or Syria.

A senior official in the White House said on Friday that no decision has been made as of yet by the president on whether or not to act on military options he has.

However, another senior official in the administration said that there likely would be a decision made by this weekend, with one option being airstrikes by the U.S.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria militants known as ISIS want an Islamic state. ISIS has had substantial success within Syria. It currently is battling the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The march by the militants inside Iraq has caught the attention of the world especially the U.S., which led the invasion of 2003 that toppled Saddam Hussein the longtime ruler.

However, since that time, violence and instability have been a plaque to Iraq though up to this point, its troubles did not include a takeover of major cities at such a give pace.

Officials in the U.S. discussed increasing the efforts that are ongoing to send in arms, intelligence and equipment to help the military of Iraq.

Amongst the options open to the White House are airstrikes, but a repeat of a large presence by the U.S. in Iraq would not happened, said the White House.

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