U.S. Says Iran Launched Air Raids Against Islamic State

The U.S. said it had indications that the country of Iran has performed air strikes on targets held by the Islamic State inside Iraq over the past few days.

A senior official in Iran denied Iran launched any air strikes in Iraq against the Islamic State.

However, officials from the U.S. speaking on the condition of anonymity indicated that that Iran carried out the air raids with its F-4 Phantoms.

A spokesperson for the Pentagon John Kirby a Rear Admiral told a Tuesday news briefing that the U.S. did not coordinate military activities with Iran and that it was up to Iraq to manager Iraq airspace.

The prospect of the Iranian and U.S. militaries separately carrying air strikes out in the same nation raises questions of how much advanced coordination might be required, even indirectly to avoid any mishaps.

A senior official in Iran said no air raids were carried out and that Tehran did not have intention of being cooperative with Washington.

Iran had not been involved in any strikes against the Islamic State targets inside Iraq and any type of cooperating with such strikes with the U.S. is out of the question said the spokesperson.

Haider al-Abadi the Prime Minister of Iraq who is in Brussels for meetings with the coalition led by the U.S. against the Islamic State said he knew nothing about air strikes.

While Iran and the U.S. have not agreed for decades, Islamic State is a common enemy. The hardline Sunni militants group has control of large areas of Syria and Iraq.

Iran supports the Shi’ite militias in Iraq, which are fighting against the Islamic State and sent senior commanders to aid and advise the army in Iraq.

Officials in Iraq said there were no troops from Iran on Iraqi soil.

John Kerry the Secretary of State from the U.S. said the coalition led by the U.S. has inflicted great damage on the Islamic State. The coalition has carried out close to 1,000 air strikes, but fighting against the militants could take years, he warned.

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