U.S. Senator Rubio making official visit to Middle East

Republican Marco Rubio, the U.S. Senator from Florida, left on an official visit to Israel and Jordan on Saturday. Rubio is the likely frontrunner for the presidential nomination for the Republicans in 2016. He announced on Saturday on his website that he was traveling to the Middle East on an official capacity as a Foreign Relations Committee and Senate Intelligence Committee member. He will be visiting Jordan for the first time, while this will be his second visit to Israel.

While visiting Israel, the Florida Senator is schedule to have a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister and Shimon Peres the President of Israel. The meeting will be to discuss a number of issues of mutual interest. One topic will be the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. Rubio is also scheduled to meet with business, political, intelligence and defense leaders in Israel. Rubio will also meet with Ismail Fayyad, the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority.

Rubio said via a website statement that the relationship the U.S. has with Israel is a special one and everything must be done to continue to support Israel, which is the beacon of democracy, free enterprise and religious freedom in a region that is highly unstable.

Rubio said that as Iran maintains its pursuit of developing a nuclear weapon, the U.S. must apply pressure through all possible means to prevent that from happening.

Rubio will meet with King Abdullah of Jordan and other members of the government of Jordan. He will discuss with them the civil war in Syria and what affects the country the resulting humanitarian crisis is having.


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