U.S. Threats of Cutting Aid Dismissed by Palestinian Official

Qadura Fares the veteran leader of Fatah says the goal of the struggle by Palestinians is for the establishment of an independent state, not to procure monies from around the world, which supports the idea Palestinian Authority officials do not seem overly concerned about warnings from the U.S.

On Tuesday, an official from the Palestinians dismissed the threats made by the U.S. to cut financial aid if Mahmoud Abbas the PA President dismantles his own government if peace talks fail with Israel.

After reports were released this past weekend that the Ramallah government could take itself apart if the talks with Israel did not work out, the State Department from the U.S. warned Monday that a move such as that would have financial implications in the relations between the PA and Washington.

Veteran leader Fares told a radio station that officials in the government of Ramallah were not too concerned with the warnings of the American, as their main concern for the struggle of Palestinians is establishing a Palestinian state that is independent and not procuring monies in the international arena.

Fares added that the goal was the establishment of a free Palestinian state in order for the Palestinian people to have liberty and freedom.

Fares said that Palestinians were not the only ones responsible for resolving the conflict in the Middle East and that if the conflict is to continue, it would continue.

The Fatah leader spoke of moves that could prolong the ongoing conflict, saying that Israel could annex the West Bank as well as build additional settlements if it chose to.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister for Israel criticized on Monday the Palestinian Authority by saying that the threat made by Abbas to dissolve the PA and efforts of the ruling Fatah faction to forge ties with Hamas indicates there is a lack of desire to establish peace.

On Monday, in Ramallah Palestinian officials denied that the Palestinian Authority was considering disbanding itself depending upon what outcome came for the stagnant peace negotiations with Israel.

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