UN: Conditions in Refugee Camp in Damascus Are Inhumane

Sporadic clashes and shelling hit a refugee camp of Palestinians under besiege by Islamic extremists in Damascus the capital of Syria on Monday. The situation taking place in the refugee camp has been described by a UN officials as being beyond inhumane.

Activist Hatem al-Dimashqi, who is based just to the south of Damascus, announced on Monday that the Yarmouk camp had been under attack. Both al-Dimashqi as well as Syrian Observatory of Human Rights based in London said the air force from Syria’s government had dropped a number of barrel bombs on this camp since early Sunday.

On Wednesday, militants from Islamic State stormed the refugee camp making the group’s deepest inroad to date into Syria’s capital. Palestinian officials as well as activists said they had been working with Nusra Front the rival affiliated to al-Qaeda.

The two militant groups have fought battles against one another in other areas of Syria but it appears in Damascus they are cooperating when it comes to attacking Yarmouk. Nusra said it was taking a neutral stance inside the refugee camp.

A spokesperson for an agency of the UN that supports the refugees known as UNRWA, Chris Gunness said in Barcelona that late on Sunday the agency could not send any convoys or food to the camp since the start of the fighting.

He said that means the camp does not have any food or water and little medicines. Gunness called it beyond inhumane.

He said people were in their homes, while fighting raged in the street and word is there has been bombings as well. Only 93 people to date have been able to evacuate the camp.

The UN said that close to 18,000 civilians, which includes a large quantity of children, are trapped in Yarmouk. Officials said the camp has been under siege of the government for close to two years, which leads to illnesses and starvation.

The camp has also been witness to a number of rounds of deadly fighting taking place between militants and government forces.

Gunness said Yarmouk has been effectively under siege for close to two years. He called things bad but are far worse since fighting engulfed the area.

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